Is my attic sufficiently insulated?

To determine if your attic has enough insulation, you can evaluate it. Your South Florida home may not have enough insulation if it is less than 7 inches deep. It is recommended that South Florida homes be 16-18 inches deep.

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With Goldstar Insulation your South Florida home will be cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter if you have the right insulation. You could save money by increasing your energy efficiency.

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You may also need to insulate your attic if you have a home older than 10 years.

Your energy bills could be reduced by up to 20% by increasing your insulation. ** It can act as a vapor barrier to humidity and prevent air leaks.

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Types of Attic Insulation

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Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is made from liquids that contract into foam upon contact. Attics can use either closed- or open-cell spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation can be used to block any noise.

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Loose Fill

Loose-fill insulation is made by blowing in insulation using special machinery. Batt insulation can be cut to size. Fiberglass, cellulose, mineral wool, and cotton can all be used as insulation materials.

Batt (blanket)

It is made from fiberglass or mineral wool and pre-cut into flat pieces. Batt insulation can be an economical way to insulate your house. Some batt insulation comes with foil or paper, while others come with no facing.

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